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The Agency for the Promotion of Aquitaine food and beverages.

With 56,000 farms, 4,000 companies and a yearly turnover of approximately 11 billion euros, the food industry is Aquitaine’s top sector in terms of employment figures. Through the Agency for the Promotion of Aquitaine food and beverages, Aquitaine Region is engaged in an active policy aimed at making Aquitaine a leader in the field, known and renowned for the quality and diversity of its products, at both national and international levels.

An operational tool serving the agricultural and agro-food strategy of the Region

The Agency for the Promotion of Aquitaine food and beverages is an operational tool serving the agribusiness strategy of the Region. By acting to support companies and promote their products, the Agency strengthens and develops the consumption of food products originating from the Aquitaine territory.

Two major assignments

  • Support companies, on a collective basis, in their commercial development, both in France and abroad.
  • Promote the products of Aquitaine

Promoting the products of Aquitaine

From Bayonne ham to Gariguette strawberries from Périgord, the products of Aquitaine terroirs enjoy a reputation for quality. The Agency for the Promotion of Aquitaine food and beverages aims at developing consumers’ use and awareness of Aquitaine products. In order to achieve this the Agency relies on two complementary pillars: implementing collective promotion actions and supporting players in the food industry in the promotion of their products.

Collective promotion actions for Aquitaine and its products

The Agency advertises the diversity and quality of products originating from Aquitaine Region. In this it contributes to developing the image of the Region’s food products according to the motto “Aquitaine, the Taste of Success.”

Supporting players in the sector to enhance synergy in action

The Agency supports and partly finances players in the Aquitaine food industry in their product promotion actions. In this it ensures synergy between the actions of the different players with the common aim of developing the consumption and notoriety of Aquitaine products.

The Quai des Saveurs Cooking School

Quai des Saveurs is a unique cooking school, a fun way to introduce the diversity and quality of Aquitaine products.

Supporting companies in their commercial development

Investigating new markets, building quality relations with purchasers or anticipating emerging markets, are all key factors of success for companies in the food industry.
Faced with the complexity of such challenges, the Agency offers a range of services aimed at supporting companies on a collective basis, in drafting and implementing their development in France and abroad.

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